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How to Get Your Backyard Ready Fpr Planting

Tips For How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring Planting-

Pull up a chair, sit in the sun and figure out where to start!

Here are just a few suggestions for cleaning the garden:

-Clean up all the winter debris: things like fallen tree branches, sticks, rocks, and whatever else is left over from winter.
-Clean out the left over leaves from fall
-Rake off the beds
-Pull weeds, deadhead flowers you left for the birds

-Rake up old mulch and replace with new mulch
-If you have any fruit trees, it’s time to prune them.

-Trim your shrubs and your your rose bushes.

- Prepare garden soil
(If you haven’t pulled out your veggies and the end of last season, now it’s time to get them out.)

Then dig your beds, add some compost (horse manure is good) and mix it in with your soil. 

You can clean out and add fresh soil to your pottery and garden containers now too.

Then just wait til any frost warnings have passed and you are READY to PLANT!



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