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Spring Home Care Checklist

  • Inspect Home Exterior – Winter can take a toll on your house, so it’s a good idea to inspect any damage it has caused. Check for damaged roof shingles, damaged chimney, damaged siding, and rotting wood trim around the windows. Repair sooner than later.
  • Check Hose Faucets For Freeze Damage – Turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening. If you can stop the flow of water, it is likely the pipe inside the home is damaged and will need to be replaced. While you’re at it, check the garden hose for dry rot.
  • Clear Away Dead Plants & Leaves – Spring is the time to clear away any leftover leaves or dead branches you missed in the fall. Clear your yard and areas around the house and get them ready for new spring growth. Plant new flowers to increase your home’s curb appeal.
  • Clean Out Gutters and Downspouts – Clear away any debris build up from the winter season roof runoff.
  • Check and Service Air Conditioning – Change the filter, check hose connections for leaks, and make sure the drain pans are draining freely. In addition, vacuum any dust that has settled on the unit and connections; over time it can impact the air conditioner’s effectiveness. Hire an air-conditioning specialist if needed. It’s better to do this in the spring before summer hits and service repair workers get too busy and up their prices.
  • Inspect Attic – Search for signs of colonizing insects or animals. Also, vigorously search for mold which will look like gray or black blotches. Proper insulation and good ventilation will slow mold growth. Take care of this sooner than later as mold will spread quickly in the warmer months ahead.
  • Inspect Basement – Basements are prone to dampness and insects. Dampness suggests inadequate ventilation and the need for a dehumidifier. Inspect the base of concrete walls. If you have cracks that start from the bottom up then there’s a sign of water damage. In this case, hire someone to come out and assess the problems and possible solutions. Also, check for exposed wood framing for termites. If you see the slighted bit of tunneling in the wood, call a pest control company immediately.
  • Check and Run Your Gas/Battery Powered Lawn Equipment – Make sure your outdoor power equipment is ready for summer use. Clean equipment and sharp cutting blades will make yardwork easier.
  • Ready Your Grill – Inspect and get your barbeque ready for the upcoming BBQ season!


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