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Meet Shady Brook's Nursery Buyer!

Karen Rogers is Shady Brook Farm’s Nursery Buyer and has been on the Garden Center sales team for eight years. Karen brought her expertise in container gardening, annuals and perennials after decades in the horticultural industry.

Growing up in New Jersey, Atlanta and Pittsburgh, Karen settled with her husband in Furlong, PA where they now live on the property on which her husband was born and raised.

Karen attended Princeton University with a major in Political Science, but after a part-time summer job at a tropical greenhouse grower in New Hope she was hooked on plants. She’s been in the horticultural industry ever since. Her experience as a florist for 20 years gives her a particularly good eye when it comes to pairing plants and creating container gardens. Karen is a member of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society and has not missed the Philadelphia Flower Show in 40 years!

When Karen’s not at work, she’s home in her garden tending to more than 120 varieties of day lilies and over 20 varieties of peonies…two of her favorite flowers. Karen also loves and raises standard poodles, enjoys reading mystery novels, and creating gourmet meals using the harvest from her veggie garden. Another fun fact about Karen is that she is scared to death of the haunted attractions at Shady Brook’s HorrorFest, but loves the Friday Night Wine Concerts.

Karen has a wide knowledge of all facets of horticulture and loves to share her passion with guests at Shady Brook Farm.


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