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What The Peace Center’s Bullying Prevention Resource Center Can Do

The Bullying Prevention Resource Center
In an unprecedented collaboration with the Board of Bucks County Commissioners (PA), Bucks County District Attorney, and all Bucks County school superintendents, The Peace Center established the Bullying Prevention Resource Center. We offer technical assistance to schools, community support for families, capacity building for police departments and educational outreach to the general public. Our trained staff facilitates dialogue between law enforcement, community, and education using restorative practice, mediation or conflict coaching for those affected by bullying.

Bullying is an aggressive, repeated behavior that involves a person or persons intentionally harming another person or group physically and/or emotionally.

The Peace Center’s Bullying Prevention Resource Center can help schools, families, and police determine the best course of action necessary to help the victim/target deal with bystanders and address the bully’s behavior so the problem does not continue. The Peace Center has vast experience working with students, teachers, administrators, the DA’s office, police and the community to address this problem and is uniquely qualified to provide assistance.

The Community: The Peace Center staff is trained and prepared to hold facilitated dialogues or, when appropriate, interventions and support between children and families who have been affected by a bullying incident.
Schools: The Peace Center partnered with all thirteen school districts in Bucks County to help with bullying intervention and/or prevention by providing guidance in the form of suggested protocols, prevention efforts, problem-solving and intervention when needed.
Outreach and Law Enforcement Education: The Peace Center works with police departments throughout the county to provide education and support helping officers effectively handle both the target and the offender in non-violent cases.
Our mission:
To educate, empower and support schools, families and police departments in addressing bullying in order to prevent violence, promote peaceful conflict resolution and foster safe, inclusive communities.   

The Peace Center is located at 102 West Maple Ave, Langhorne PA 19047
(215) 750 7220


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