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New Hope Bar Named Best Small Town Bar in PA

John & Peter's has been been named the best small town bar in Pennsylvania by Thrillist, a website that covers food, drink, travel and entertainment!

Thrillist calls John & Peter's in New Hope a "true music mecca," and has designated it as Pennsylvania's best small town bar. According to the bar's website, for four decades, they've hosted live music every night of the year. Here's the write up on

"Anyone who grew up in Eastern PA knows that New Hope -- a seemingly sleepy small town nestled on the Jersey border -- is one of the most overlooked and underrated destinations in the entire state. With its distinctly old-world charm, iconic LGBTQ scene, glut of vintage and boutique shops, and ever-bustling arts community, New Hope draws its fair share of visitors both far and wide despite its diminutive size. Exemplifying the free-wheeling and vibrant spirit of the town -- and coupling that spirit with copious amounts of booze -- is John & Peter's Place. A New Hope institution since 1972, John & Peter's opened its doors designed as a low-key breakfast joint that occasionally had live bands. Over the past four-plus decades, it has evolved into a true music mecca off the Delaware River, playing host to artists as varied as Norah Jones, George Thorogood, and jazz virtuoso Stanley Jordan. Simply put: you just aren't supposed to attract talent this big in a town this small. And when there isn't world-class talent burning up the stage, you can always kick back and enjoy some cheap-as-hell beers in the darkened, delightfully worn-in tavern, and snack on some of the most average pub food in the world. The second you step foot inside John & Peter's, you feel like a true local. And in a small town as eternally cool as New Hope, that's not a bad feeling to have."

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