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Bucks County Business Association Offers Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service

As a service to the community, we are offering two needed services for all individuals and businesses in Bucks County and the surrounding area:
Delivery Service
Grocery Shopping Service
Both services are available to all individuals and businesses in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, and are exempt from Pennsylvania stay-at-home orders. Same day delivery for most orders.
Deliveries - simply call or email us directly with your request - or fill out the online form. We will contact you to arrange the delivery. Deliveries include (but are not limited to) prescriptions, post office, supplies, documents and business materials.

Groceries - simply call or email us directly with your request - or fill out the online form. We will contact you to schedule the shopping, receive your grocery list, and arrange delivery. Shoppers will call you from the store if there are any substitutions or unavailable items. 

All drivers and shoppers wear gloves and follow strict social distancing standards. Deliveries are left at the door when possible.  

All delivery requests are subject to review based on driver availability and the nature of the delivery. Delivery requests should be generally limited to Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.  

Please contact us directly if you would like to make grocery arrangements for groups of people -
Delivery only - $20 for trips of 10 miles or less from point of origin to destination, additional $2 per mile for trips greater than 10 miles.

Grocery Shopping - $30 all inclusive to shop for and deliver groceries, plus price of groceries. ($90 monthly for unlimited shopping and delivery trips)

Both services are payable by credit card, check or cash on delivery.

Request Groceries or a Delivery

Call us at 215-733-9696, email us at or visit us at

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