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Keep Your Middle Schooler Organized

My youngest stomped into the living room last Monday and dumped his pack on the floor.  

  • "How was school?"
  • "Great!  I only have math homework."
  • I paused "Are you sure?"
  • "Absolutely.  Nothing else.  I asked my friend, too."
  • Didn't you have Spanish today?"
  • "Oh yeah, he gave us a worksheet to do.  And we started our new technology class today.  It looks great."
  • "Don't you usually have a syllabus or something to sign when you start a class?"
  • :"Oh yeah, I forgot.  I need you to sign two papers."
  • "It's Monday.  Didn't you have a letter you had to write in class today in Language Arts?  Do I need to sign it?"
  • "Yeah."
  • "And spelling due Thursday?"
  • "Uhuh.  She handed out a sheet."
  • "Your social studies teacher sent me a copy of your study guide for your test Friday."
  • "But that's not due until Thursday!"

Sound familiar? Five assignments. My son had only remembered one. And given that up to 75% of his grades are based on homework, not remembering to do it - or to turn it in when it's complete - can cause major problems for kids, failing grades, and even retention in middle school - 

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