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Events for Saturday June 26, 2021

Takeout Lunch Grundy Museum Event


Saturday June 26, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Grundy Foundation Executive and Museum Director, Mr. Gene Williams, and Museum Staff are happy to announce the Museum's June 26 Takeout Lunch designed to welcome guests back to the Museum and its grounds, and to serve as a fundraiser for the 2021 Can Do More Campaign to conserve, reproduce, exhibit, and store treasured and original Grundy family textiles.

Beginning Monday, June 7, reservations for our boxed Takeout Lunch packages can be purchased online through TicketLeap. Offered are two adult choices at $30 each created by the King George II Inn, Chef Sue Duffy Arroyo, and the Golden Eagle Diner, and a two $15 children's options.  To purchase your reservation online, visit the Grundy Museum website at http://


The King George II Inn has partnered with Museum staff to create an exclusive "King George's Lunch." Chef Fabian's creation is a special sandwich on seeded Italian bread using the finest selection of Italian meats and cheese topped with the KGII signature white balsamic dressing. Included are KGII homemade potato chips and a side of their signature house salad. The second choice is "Wrap Up Your Greens Lunch" created by Bristol's own Chef Sue Duffy Arroyo. This vegetarian lunch has a generous selection of grilled veggies wrapped up in a vegan spinach wrap topped with hummus and baby spinach. Chef Sue's Lunch includes her own homemade hummus cup with raw veggies and a Vegan Summer Quinoa Salad. Both choices include bottled water, fruit, and a special sweet treat from the Golden Eagle Diner. Children's offerings are a "Jammin' PB&J Lunch" or a "Say Cheese Please Lunch."  Each includes Chef Sue's homemade hummus and veggie cup, a crunchy snack, a sweet from the Golden Eagle Diner, and a Grundy Museum Kids Kit filled with maps, a scavenger hunt, coloring pages, and history fun facts. Curbside pick-up times on the 26th are 11:30 am – 1:00 pm. The river-level Grundy Park will be open for picnicking. Guests may bring a blanket or chair to enjoy their Takeout Lunch on the banks of the Delaware. Visitation restrictions may apply due to on-going construction. Guests are encouraged to share their Takeout Lunch pictures on social media from Grundy Park or wherever they dine.  


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