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When School’s out, Newtown Township Parks & Rec has you Covered

When school’s out, Newtown Township Parks & Recreation has you covered. Don’t miss our Radical Reactions & Detective Science workshop presented in conjunction with Mad Science on January 21st. Children will have tons of fun mixing up potions, experimenting with all kinds of chemical reactions and investigating how chemistry provides evidence at the scene of the crime.

Discover the World of Science Around You. Come join Newtown Township for our Super Science Sunday on March 10th. Super Science Sunday is a FREE event sponsored by Newtown Business Commons Association. Activities will include rocket building, chemical experiments with slime and ooze, computer and robotics experiments and exploring the prehistoric world and the skies and outer space with Engineering for Kids, Wacky Science, STEM STARS, Computer Explorers and more. 
Pre-Registration is required for all programs.
If you enjoy great FUN, please visit to take a look at all of the programs Newtown Township Parks & Recreation has to offer!

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