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Canal O Ween 2020 is Canceled

After much thoughtful analysis, hard decision-making, and sad emotions, Experience Yardley has decided that this year there can be no Carve-O-Thon or Jack-O-Lantern Stroll for Canal-O-Ween week in #Yardley.  We know that this will be disappointing for many.
The need to protect public safety and health in this time of the #COVID19 pandemic far outweighs having a 12th year in a row of the event.  
Since 2009 we've always said that nothing stops Canal-O-Ween:  rain, snow, hurricanes, mud, cold, heat, power outages, etc. And it never has. But this is different. This is not a question of people getting covered in mud, or getting numb fingers from freezing temperatures. And we want to be part of the solution.
This pandemic is real and continues to cause great suffering, loss of life and jobs, and immense stress. Each year, Canal-O-Ween has been drawing thousands of people over 7 days in a compact space on a neighborhood street...which is normally an amazing thing and a normal part of our and your lives. But 2020 is the furthest thing from normal, and science and facts tell us that this wonderful event simply can't happen as a result. Read more.

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