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Going Green - Pineville Tavern, Bucks County

The historic Pineville Tavern began serving guests in several of the indoor dining rooms ton Friday.

--in addition to complying with all required sanitary measures, the plan is to seat about two dozen guests in each of the four dining rooms (according to county & state capacity guidelines)
--the dining rooms will open in phases with all four open by Monday
--all tables are at least 6 feet apart and the tables not in use will have a potted plant on each one
--the menu is still slightly limited with the addition of some pop-up specials, such as whole lobster with french fries and coleslaw for $29
--tables will not be pre-set to comply with regulations, the craft paper cover is poly-coated on the back and will get changed with every seating. The front bar and the popular middle dining room will have brand new wooden top tables with no cloth, tavern style.
--the tavern is open every day for lunch and dinner, reservations are required.

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