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Colonial-Era Recipes To Try At Home

While Washington Crossing Historic Park remains closed due to the pandemic, they're sharing some of the colonial-era recipes, and their modern-day counterparts, that are available on our website.

A Taste of Early America: Apple Pasties to Fry

The Original Recipe
From E. Smith’s The Compleat Housewife (1742)

Pare and quarter Apples and boil them in Sugar and Water, and a stick of cinnamon, and when tender, put in a little white-wine, the juice of a lemon, a piece of fresh butter and a little ambergrease or orange-flower water: stir all together and when tis cold, put it in a Puff paste and fry them. Rub six pounds of butter into fourteen pounds of flour, put it to eights eggs, white the whites to snow and make it into a pretty stiff paste with cold water. Complete recipe here.

A Taste of Early America: To Bake a Shad

The Original Recipe
From The Virginia Housewife (1824)

The shad is a very indifferent fish (meaning it can be boney) unless it be large and fat. When you get a good one prepare it nicely. Put some force meat inside and lay it at full length in a pan, with a pint of water, a gill of red wine, one of mushroom catsup, a little pepper, vinegar, salt and a few cloves of garlic, and six cloves, stew it gently until the gravy is sufficiently reduced: there should always be a fish slice with holes to lay the fish on, for the convenience of dishing without breaking it; when the fish is taken up, slip it carefully into the dish: thicken the gravy with butter and brown flour and pour over it. See more.


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