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About Us

Newtown Yardley Online:

Welcome! I'd like to introduce you to Newtown Yardley Online and Princeton Online. I started POL in 1995 at a time when few knew what the Internet really was. We started by creating free websites for local non-profits, most of which over time migrated to their own URLs. It was during this migration when we started our hosting and design services which now boast hundreds of clients. Our full-time designer/project manager, Dave Koehler, worked on and off for us from the late 90's until he came on board full-time ten years ago. Our development efforts have transitioned over time to focus solely on the creation of Wordpress websites which are responsive (they can be viewed on all devices) and easily maintained by our clients. We've also recently added new capabilities such as mobile app development.

Our community content areas continue to expand and together boast over 3 million annual users. Our social media platforms reach over 25,000 followers. Seven years ago, we added a second hyper-local community in Newtown Yardley PA. These online communities are advertising supported and are chock full of content, including events, announcements, and an extensive number of Guides covering many subjects including dining, entertainment, health, lodging, schools and shopping. It takes a great deal of daily effort to maintain but we have a strong team of content managers and social media experts. Jane Hynes has been with POL for 13 years and Rachel Fullan and Elisa Baxt rock our social media.

Our most recent accomplishment was to transform our family of community websites to a new look that is easier to navigate, more visually appealing, and provides a better platform to highlight our clients. In a collaborative effort spanning many months, we worked with clients, non-profit community partners and residents to collect over 1,500 photos to introduce our many content areas. We chose about 650 of these to use and continue to work with many to gather more for future use.

If you need a new website, hosting services, a mobile app, or want to advertise your organization to our many users, please reach out. We're always available.


Peter Gibson
Princeton Online/Newtown Yardley Online