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Film to Preserve History of LGBTQ+ Community in New Hope, PA

Preservation of our area’s LGBTQ+ history is essential, now more than
ever. With changing demographics, alterations in our venue landscape and
ambiguity about what the future holds for a cherished haven, ensuring
our past is forever present has been the mission of New Hope Celebrates

Currently our area is in transition between “what was and what might
be.” Like in many communities where LGBTQ+ individuals have their
roots and businesses, gentrification is nipping at our often, “high
heels”. Big rents have increasingly contributed to making our art,
antique and quaint retail/residential spaces a rarity. The necessity of
bringing in big backers to fortify our aged and often broken hospitality
venues threatens our “differences.”

Nowhere But HERE is_ a film in production that needs your help to finish
and flourish. Co-sponsored by New Hope Celebrates History and ScullyOne
Productions, many interviews and images have already been collected and
crafted by NHCH, film producer Sara Scully and local award-winning
photographer/videographer Bob Krist of National Geographic.

A tale of a working-class river town that for five decades became a safe
space for thousands of men and women who due to their differences, were
forced helplessly and often homelessly to struggle in sometimes scary
major metropolitan cities. What evolved from embracing differences
became a free and fun-filled, bustling, adventurous, tourist town. Laden
with artists, authors, actors, musicians and all others, New Hope became
a mixture of people and personalities that found more than refuge, they
found “home.”

_NOWHERE BUT HERE is_ the story of how the LGBTQ+ community turned a
sleepy river town into a destination with dazzling nightlife, a thriving
drag show scene and a culture of creative celebration. The film will
focus on the cultural moment when it all got started, roughly from the
1960’s – 1980’s when LGBTQ+ people started businesses or breathed
celebratory life into clubs like The Raven, The Cartwheel and The New
Prelude, to name a few.  >From the yearly staged wedding of Mother
Cavellucci, the Raven Halloween parties and Santa Saturdays at the
Cartwheel to the private places where people met and made friends,
_NOWHERE BUT HERE_ will showcase these fabulous times and the
unforgettable characters that made them happen.  The film will also
explore the sweeter side of all this celebration, the friendships forged
and the feeling of safety and belonging that it fostered in those who
were there.

That is the story we are telling in our film, which will not only debut
locally, but will also be submitted for film festival consideration and
distribution throughout the country. In making _Nowhere But HERE,_ our
goal is to not only document the illustrious people and pioneers of our
past fabulousness but to also serve as a reminder to those currently
championing progress. We are a destination built by inclusion and
difference--one group cannot exist without the other.

This is a call-out for help. As a grassroots project, we are currently
without grants or major financial sponsorship. We are asking you to
reach to your hearts in remembrance and to your hopes that the film’s
message can play a part in retaining the integrity of what was built in
the past five decades, _Nowhere But HERE. _

Please consider donating to our film so that we can bring its dream to
fruition. The first seven individual donors of $1,000 will become
Executive Producers and receive full film credits. While we encourage
corporate or individual sponsorships, all donations, large or small,
will receive acknowledgment in the film’s donor credits. Any donation
is tax deductible, as New Hope Celebrates is an award-winning,
nationally recognized, and registered non-profit organization.

Donating is easy. You can reach us by hitting the “donate” button on,; send a check to NHC
PO Box 266, New Hope, Pa. 18938 marked ‘subject: film; or for
questions about benefits and personalized or memorial contributions,  We are honored to be officially
media sponsored by the Bucks County Herald and River Towns Magazine.
Thanks to all.

“One moment we were there and suddenly we’re here and all it takes
is time.
In between there comes a life that with time becomes so clear.
All you have to do is this--remember we were here.
Just remember we were here.”
James Mellon

Dan Brooks
Founder, New Hope Celebrates
Director, New Hope Celebrates History

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