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Events for Thursday June 6, 2024

Grant Castner, Trenton Photographer


Thursday June 6, 2024

Gary Saretzky presents “Grant Castner, Trenton Photographer: The Delaware River and Canals, 1890-1920”
Online Lecture, June 6 at 7:30 PM

Grant Castner (1863–1941), a native of Belvidere, New Jersey, moved to Trenton in about 1885. One of the founders of the Trenton Camera Club in 1898, he was an active amateur photographer from the 1880s to the 1920s. Castner was not a casual snapshooter, rather he was a serious photographer capturing everyday images across New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Several years ago, the New Jersey State Museum acquired more than a thousand of Castner's glass plate negatives. A comprehensive exhibit of his work, Discovering Grant Castner, The Lost Archive of a New Jersey Photographer, opened at the Museum earlier this year and is on view through September 2024. 

Gary Saretzky, the consulting curator of this exhibit, has prepared a special presentation focusing on Castner's images of the Delaware River and its environs for this talk. DRGP thanks Gary for sharing this special view and encourages attendees to visit the NJ State Museum and be transported back to the turn of the twentieth century through Castner's images.

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