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Events for Thursday May 13, 2021

Tales from the Crypt: Using Dead Plants to Resurrect the Past and Predict the Future


Thursday May 13, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thursday Night Nature (May 13) -

What is a native plant? The most commonly used definition for American plants is any species that were present before the arrival of European colonists. How do we know which plants were growing in a particular area during a given period? Herbaria – collections of dried and pressed plants – provide some of the best sources of information on the history of botanical life on Earth. Specimens spanning centuries of collecting can be used to infer where plant species were in the past, how they have moved in response to different environmental pressures, and which species are most at risk of being locally or globally eliminated. The development of new technologies has enabled research on herbarium specimens that would have seemed impossible to the botanists who originally collected them. In this presentation, Jordan Teisher, Ph.D. will survey some of these applications of herbarium specimens and make a case for ongoing investment in collecting and preserving plants.

Bowman's Nature Preserve, 1635 River Road, New Hope PA

VIA ZOOM, register here. Free!


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