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Newtown Yardley, PA Movies Announcements

Doylestown Food Market Presents 2017 Farm Fresh Film Series at the County Theater

Doylestown Food Market is partnering with the County Theater to present the Farm Fresh Series, film screenings that speak the important message: what we put in our bodies impacts our health, our community, and our world. Each film will be followed by an interactive panel discussion with experts on each topic.

The Series continues May 18th, 2017 with the film Food For Change. Food For Change is a documentary film focusing on food co-ops as a force for dynamic social and economic change in American culture. This is the first film to examine the important historical role played by food co-ops, their pioneering quest for organic foods, and their current efforts to create regional food systems. Additionally, the film shows how cooperatives today strengthen local economies and build food security. The goal is to educate a wide audience about the principles of cooperation with a focus on healthy food and a healthy economy. 

Tickets are $8 for Doylestown Food Market Members/Owners and $10 for the general public, including County Theater Members. Tickets can be purchased online at or at the box office, 20 E State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. Doors 7:00 pm. Films will begin at 7:30 pm, followed by an expert panel discussion. 

Please plan on joining us for this important film, and spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors. Also, mark your calendar and save the date for the conclusion of the 2017 Farm Fresh Film Series:

October 19th - Food Chains - Executive producer Eva Longoria reveals the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of large buyers of produce like fast food and supermarkets. Fast food is big, but supermarkets are bigger – earning $4 trillion globally. They have tremendous power over the agricultural system. Over the past 3 decades they have drained revenue from their supply chain leaving farm workers in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions.  The film outlines several programs that are trying to rectify this and bringing hope to our nations farm workers.
Thank you to our Eco-System Partners for sponsoring the Farm Fresh Film Series.

About The Doylestown Food Market:
The Doylestown Food Market is a member-owned grocery store that provides convenient access to a variety of locally raised or produced foods and other products. It fosters a healthy and economically viable environment for our farmers and our community. The Doylestown Food Market embraces diversity, provides accessibility, and generously gives back to its local community by supporting local businesses, wholesalers, community groups and institutions.

Incorporated as a Pennsylvania non-profit cooperative in April 2010, the Doylestown Food Market officially opened a 1,400 square foot store in the center of Doylestown Borough at 29 West State Street in 2014. This full service grocery store provides locally sourced produce, meat, dairy, baked goods, jams, sauces, household and personal goods. The Doylestown Food Market currently has over 500 member families. Website:

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